XDOBO New Chinese Characters Domino Children’s Educational Product Smooth Surface and Rounded Corners Wooden Toys for Chinese Learning 100pcs

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The producer insist on a healthy environmental protection of wood as raw material, combined with innovative design, for the majority of children to create a sense of wooden toys. We hope to give the child a healthy and happy growth stage. Not only to baby and teens but also to the learners at any age, the product is a functional and effective tool for learning Chinese.

Chinese Language is one of the best languages in the world, and Chinese culture is ancient, magic, splendid and attractive. More and more people are joining the Chinese Learning Parade and sharing the invaluable treasure. Chinese learning is becoming a new fashion, especially for the teens.

Moreover, compared with some other languages, the learners learn Chinese by memorizing patterns or funny pictures which stimulate curiosity and imagination. It is well recognized that human brains work well with patterns and pattern recognition in turn promotes brain development.

Now, scroll to the top of this page, click “Add to Cart”, and make a new friend with this new mode of thinking and the ancient country China together with your cute child from now on. We are sure you will ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS TOOL and Enjoy your colorful life!

Package: 1 Quality Pouch ($7 in value), 1 Storage Bag, 100 Pcs of Domino.


  • The wood bricks in this set are of high quality and bright color.
  • It is a great product for Children to learn Chinese. Children will enjoy learning and identify some common things easily.
  • It is also an excellent, user-friendly product for the Chinese language adult learners.
  • It can improve the children’s ability to observe, recognize known ability and attention. etc.
  • It promotes the comprehensive development of smart baby.