Stuffed Penguin – Plush Animal That’s Suitable For Babies and Children – 5 Inch Tall – By EpicKids

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1. Our stuffed penguin is the perfect size for a baby, toddler or a child to play with. Standing 5 inches tall, our penguin will fit perfectly in your child’s hand so he/she can carry Mr. Chil around, or to simply sit on the floor and play with him.

2. Mr. Chil is also Mom Friendly! The size of him, makes it easy to bring him along in the bag, in the car, on the airplane or if your child wants to take her in his/hers backpack.

3. “Worry Free”… This means that there are NO buttons or beads that can fall off, so you can rest assure when your child plays with the penguin.

4. Unlike many other plush toys, our penguin is sewn with triple stitches to make him more durable for your child to play with every day.

5. Children loves to role play with their toys and stuffed animals, so we have gone the extra mile and designed a wife for your boy plush penguin. We call her for Mrs. Chil.
So now your child can have a “boy” and a “girl” penguin and play with them together.
You can buy the Mrs. Chil plush toy separately, and double the fun for your child.

So what are you waiting for? Grab yours now!
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  • WORRY FREE – Our penguin does NOT have any beads or buttons that can fall off. This makes our penguin THE perfect plush animal for babies and toddlers!
  • PERFECT SIZE – At 5 inches tall, our penguin is the perfect size for children to bring along in the car, airplane, in the bag, or simple to play with at home.
  • MOM FRIENDLY – A small sized plush toy are in a bigger demand than large ones. After all, who likes to go out to a restaurant with a child who insist on bringing their 20 inches animals along?? 🙂
  • EASY TO CLEAN – Our penguin is washable by hand in cold water, so he can be germ free and clean all the time.
  • THE ULTIMATE GIFT – Looking for a birthday present, or for a gift to a baby shower? Our penguin is the perfect gift for any occasion, and for any child, boy or girl.