Pocket Ungame – Kids Version


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Product DescriptionPocket Ungame – Kids, card game

Amazon.comThis kids version of the popular communication game is a perfect way for young people to get together and talk about their feelings and values. Designed for use in a variety of settings from the home to the classroom, the Ungame is a superlative game for developing communication skills and promotes a noncompetitive environment for self-expression. Through both open and structured communication techniques, the game encourages good listening skills and helps to build self-esteem, and it discourages criticism and negative attitudes. Players draw a card from the deck, read it aloud, and answer a question in two to three sentences. Other cards allow players to ask each other questions or to comment on any subject. There is no speaking out of turn, and the game length is variable (set by the players). Nobody loses in this game, and everyone is allowed an equal share of the attention. The deck is divided into two sections. One deck is an ice-breaker, helping people to get acquainted, and the other deck deals with feelings, values, and serious topics. Designed for two to eight players, this compact game is perfect for travel. –Jay Weinland. A teacher and the father of 2-year-old Duncan, Jay Weinland is also a musician and has worked in the games-software industry.


  • This non-competitive game allows players to share opinions, feelings and beliefs by asking simple questions of players
  • Non-competitive
  • Great ice-breaker for group activities and is endorsed by ministers, teachers and counselors