LuckyOrex Bath Organizer Set – Bath Toy Storage Organizer + Large Storage Net Bag with Pockets for Shower Accessories and Cosmetics + 6 Strong Suction Hooks for Smooth Surfaces – for Kids and Adults

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toy organizer for kids bath toy organizer large durable with a big pocket is the easiest and most effective accessory for toy storage Usage is so simple that even babies can handle it Mesh bag with pockets for different items ideal for adults Second in the set is a compact mesh bag with 4 different sized pockets Convenient pockets are great for shampoo soap cosmetics and more It’s convenient for small spaces where everything you need will be at hand additional hooks as a bonus With 2 baby 2 additional hooks for any smooth surface doors windows mirrors lockers and others you can organize all things in a compact and convenient way or wherever you decide to use it will always be clean and tidy bath tub toy organizer to collect their things after bathing It’s so easy to get all their toys together and put them into the bath net toy organizer it will be like a game for them A fun game for kids and their moms that is so practical Safety for you and your kids bath toy mesh organizer and hanging organizer with pockets protect toys and shower accessories against mold and bacteria Quality woven nets keep toys and things dry Good air circulation helps to drain toys and other bathroom items quickly in order to prevent bacteria and mold Organize things anywhere the bath tub toy holder organizers not only in the bathroom You can organize things anywhere Just attach the accessory and enjoy the convenience and ease of use In children’s room the kitchen or bedroom : ring sink acrylic basket suction bpa free bubble family guy life todays deals doll cribs cheap bench seat pool rings special needs swimming tube arm stuffed animals sesame street pouches nemo juguetes cards plastic kiddie cups mini sponge out water paint bathtime fashion penguin crayons white toddler bed sets owl organization boys ideas floating multi-use fridge corner hippo caddy fishing extra tile gift organic super top girls strong wall bathtub powerful side washable adjustable idea rinse cup hooked tiny infant


  • BEST ORGANIZER SET – LuckyOrex has made the best set of 2 net bags + 2 additional hooks at a very good price. All accessories for storing everything in your bath including your baby’s toys for bath time. The bath toy organizer (18 in x 14 in) is a big net pocket with easy access. The large storage net bag with 4 different pockets (13 in x 18 in) is ideal for shower accessories, cosmetics and more.
  • SO SIMPLE AND EFFECTIVE – Our bath toy organizer is great for toddlers and kids, even baby can handle it. Cleaning toys in the bathroom will be a fun game, and both mom and child will love it (a real help in saving time for moms and dads). Your bathroom will always be clean and tidy.
  • NO MOLD OR BACTERIA – The bath/tub toy organizer and mesh organizer with pockets are made of high quality net bags, fast drying polyester edging and powerful large suction cups. This is the best storage accessory to keep toys and other bath items dry. Good air circulation and fast draining prevent bacteria and mold.
  • USE ANYWHERE – You can use the bath toy storage organizer in the bathroom, children’s room or bedroom — anywhere where there is a smooth surface for hanging the accessory (doors, windows, mirrors, lockers and others).
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – We want you to be happy using our bath toy organizer set, so if you don’t completely love it for any reason, please return it for a full refund.