Grimm’s Large Wooden Conical Stacking Tower, 11-Piece Rainbow Colored Stacker, Made in Germany


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GRIMM’S LARGE RAINBOW CONICAL TOWER is a wonderfully versatile stacking/sorting toy which will both amuse and stimulate children visually and mentally. The simple design and bold colors allow children to be immersed in reasoning and creative thinking while developing motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Adults can guide children to discuss and learn about colors, size, and ordering (an early mathematical skill) as well as practice counting. Children love to spend time stacking and unstacking the 10 rings on this beautiful, naturally stained wooden toy. The vibrant colors as well as sizes of each ring graduate like a rainbow as they move from larger at the base and smaller towards the top. he Tower’s ageless design and sturdy construction will last for generations. Measuring approximately 10-inches (25 cm) in height, this heirloom piece comes minimally packaged in clear shrink wrap. AGE: 1 year & up SIZE: 5.1 x 5.1 x 9.8 inches (13 x 13 x 25 cm) MATERIALS: Hardwood stained with safe, non-toxic, water-based stains (no paint or varnish!) Wood is an ideal material for a baby’s first sensory impressions. In addition, bacteria cannot breed on wood. This is especially true for non-varnished wood. So there is no need to worry if your baby or toddler wants to put any parts of this toy in her mouth.


  • Suitable for children, babies, and toddlers aged 1 year & up.
  • Made in Germany from sustainably-harvested natural alder wood.
  • Beautifully finished with safe water-based dyes/stains (no varnish).
  • Large size tower with 10 colorful removable rings stands about 10″ tall (25 cm).
  • Children can experiment with stacking the colored rings in a variety of ways.