Doodle Top, Miniature Edition- Fully Functional Spinning Top Toy That Draws When It Turns, It Really Works!

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World’s Smallest now presents to you a fully functional, miniature edition of the Doodle Top- the spinning top toy miniature toy that draws when it’s turning! Less than an inch tall, this adorable, pocket sized Doodle Top is convenient to carry anywhere, and this classic toy is perfect as a birthday or gag gift for your art loving friend or child. Simply twist the knob on the top, and watch it make wacky doodles while it spirals across the page. Your child will have a blast with this classic toy seeing how long they can keep it spinning- it can even bring out their creative side if they let their imagination take over and try to decipher what the doodles could be! Let your child be creative with this doodle toy/drawing spinning top. If your child loves to color and draw with crayons, colored pencils, markers, or paint, they will love this. Let their artistic side spin free along with this miniature Doodle Top.


  • World’s Smallest presents a fully functional, miniature edition of your favorite Doodle Top Toy!
  • The classic spinning top toy that draws when its turning is now less than an inch tall.
  • Adorable and pocket sized, you can carry the fun around with you wherever you please.
  • Simply twist the protracted knob and watch it create images while it spins- what wacky doodles will it create while it’s spinning away on the page?
  • Colors may vary.