Don’t Eat!!! Mostsola 30Pcs Random Kawaii Mini Soft Squishy Foods Panda Bread Bun Toasts Multi Donuts Phone Straps Charm Kids Toy Gift

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This product can be used as a toy, a mobile phone’s accessories, bag pendant or jewelry accessories. It can also be used as samples for bakery display, as the sales example kitchen furnishings, it can used at home,in the bars, coffee shops as an ornament. It’s durable and can used for a long time.

Package Content:

30 × Random Mini Artificial Bread


  • It will arrive in 8-20 days,please ignore the Amazon Estimated Delivery Time.
  • Material: Elastic Environmentally PU
  • Quantity: 30 Pieces random mixed patterns.
  • Cute soft sponge charm,most with straps ,fit for cell phone.
  • Super cute design. It is super fun to squeeze these squishies.