Breyer Stablemates British Pony & Draught Stick Horse 4 Piece Set (1:32 Scale)

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This set features 4 Stablemates Scale (1:32) models of some of Britain’s most iconic native breeds. Britain’s oldest breed of heavy horse, the Suffolk Punch is incredibly strong and the perfect choice for working the land or hauling goods. Scotland’s beloved draught breed, the Clydesdale, is right at home working on the farm or carrying heavy loads. Clydesdales are popular for driving today. Standing between 13 and 14.2h, the Highland Pony is native to Scotland, and excels at riding and driving. Many of these ponies have primitive markings like dorsal stripes. The smallest of this bunch, the Shetland Pony is actually the strongest of all horse breeds relative to size! Thought to be the oldest breed native to Britain, they stand a maximum of 42 inches. Suffolk Punch measures 3.25″L x 2.75″H, Clydesdale measures3.25″L x 3″H, Highland Pony measures 3″L x 2.25″H, Shetland measures 3.25″L x 2.25″H.


  • This adorable set includes 4 Stablemates scale horses: Suffolk Punch, Clydesdale, Highland Pony, and Shetland Pony.
  • The Suffolk Punch and Clydesdale are both draught breeds commonly used for driving and farm work.
  • The Highland Pony and Shetland Pony are small, but are strong, hardy and wonderful children’s ponies.
  • Hand-painted Breyer Stablemates are 1:32 in scale and are approximately 2.5″ tall.
  • Stablemates are perfect for creative horse play at home or on-the-go, and for collecting.